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Parish Plan

In 2000, the government white paper – Our countryside: the future - the government set out its agenda for helping local communities to have greater control over the development of their own neighbourhood. The white paper launched the concept of the parish plan in which the community would:


"…set out a vision of what is important, how new development can best be fitted in, the design and quality standards it should meet, how to preserve valued local features and to map out the facilities which the community needs to safeguard for the future."


The Warnham Parish Plan was published in 2007 and points to the way in which we would like to see our parish develop and puts forward a plan of action for achieving it over a five year period. It offers a vision for the future on behalf of the whole community.



How the Plan was developed


Although the parish council began the process and has endorsed all the policies and actions contained in the Plan, its development was the work of an independent steering group established in October 2004.


A major and essential part of ensuring that everybody had an opportunity to make their voice heard in the content of the Plan was the parish survey. Two questionnaires, one for young people and one for adults were distributed to every household. These responses were analysed and provide the basis for the policies and actions put forward in the Plan.



How the Plan is used


The Plan is used:

  • To guide and provide a focus for the on-going work of the parish council.
  • To inform local government and other decision making bodies of the needs, concerns and views of the community.
  • To influence how changes in the community are made.
  • To support applications for funding for new services or facilities in the parish.
  • To canvass support from local, regional and national government.
  • To lobby, where appropriate, for changes in policy at local, regional or national government level.


Monitoring and progress reviews


The Parish Plan sets out issues concerning the parish under seven headings: population and employment; community services; recreation and leisure; housing; public transport; roads, rights of way and traffic; and the environment. Policies for the enhancement of the parish are set out under each heading together with actions to be taken to implement the policies. In total 68 action plans are defined. The parish council reviews progress under each defined action on an annual basis. The 2010 review shows actions and progress on all issues.