Local planning applications

The parish council has a right - as a statutory consultee - to receive notification of all planning applications relating to the parish. The parish council is not however a planning authority and consequently does not make final decisions on planning applications, which is the responsibility of Horsham District Council. If the parish council submits comments to the district council, they must take them into account when determining the application. The parish council is also able to request and comment on any application made within the District.


Each week the parish council receives a copy of the ‘weekly list’ which details all applications received in the District and also a copy, including plans etc, of any applications relating to Warnham. The local newspaper, West Sussex County Times, also lists planning applications.


The current parish planning applications can be viewed on the district council web site at www.horsham.org.uk.


Planning applications are considered by the Parish Council Planning and Highways Advisory Group. Members of the public are welcome to submit comments to the Clerk about planning applications being considered by the parish council


To view details of planning applications relating to the parish and any comments made by the Parish Council, please choose from the search options below. Decisions made by Horsham District Council can be viewed on their web site.


You can use any, all or none of the search options below when searching for planning applications of interest.
Year of application (limits the list to just those received in the selected year)
Reference number (limits the list to those that match the partial or full reference number entered)
Search text (limits the list to those that have the required word in the application, eg "garage", "conservatory" or perhaps a street name)