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Wild About Warnham

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photo competition‘Nature: the way I see it’ – a wildlife photo competition for young people in Horsham. There are cash prizes for young photographers in Horsham District, in a competition beginning 1st August 2020.  Anyone up to the age of 18 living in the Horsham area can submit a wildlife photo taken in 2020 to be judged by three local professional photographers.  The winner of each age group also wins a masterclass with one of the competition judges, Sean Collins.

The competition is part of the Theme Green initiative at St Margaret’s church, Warnham, and aims to encourage young people to get out into the natural world for a closer look, and to communicate their love of nature.

More details including how to enter, rules and terms and conditions can be found on the competition website https://themegreenphotocomp.jimdosite.com.

Wild About Warnham

A new project, WILD ABOUT WARNHAM, is being developed to raise awareness of environmental issues and suggest ways in which we can all take action to reverse biodiversity loss and help prevent further environmental damage at a local (parish) level.

Acting alone, we cannot reverse biodiversity loss or halt global climate change, but we can take steps at a local level to rebuild biodiversity in the Parish by improving, restoring and increasing habitats for wildlife.

What can you do to help?

Introduce plants, shrubs and trees in your garden that butterflies and insects love

Butterflies and other insects have quite specific feeding requirements! The caterpillars of most butterfly species feed on just a few food plants, indeed some are so specialised, they will only feed on a single species of plant, shrub or tree. To attract more butterflies into your garden why not try planting some of their caterpillars’ preferred food plants! A complete list of caterpillar food plants is available to download here.

If you are thinking of planting a tree in your garden, why not select a tree that provides a good source of nectar or pollen for bees, butterflies and other insects, or which produces fruit or berries for birds in the colder months of the year. A list of trees that will encourage wildlife into your garden can be downloaded here. Most of the trees that are listed are suitable for smaller gardens or can be grown as shrubs or as a large bush. Many of them also have beautiful blossom in the Spring!

Keep up to date with the project via Twitter

A Wild about Warnham Twitter page has been set up called @WildWarnham.   The Twitter page will include all the latest news about the project, local sightings, lockdown wildlife projects and other items of interest.  Sign up now and get involved!